Working at Inserm Transfert involves supporting the transfer of human health innovation in economic, clinical and societal terms by incorporating a dynamic expert company of a human scale.

This also means engaging with a company that is developing its expertise both in France and internationally.

Finally, we are at the service of Inserm, the first European biomedical research body and the only French public research organisation to be wholly dedicated to human health.

Inserm Transfert implements a Human Resources policy that is designed to support workers in constructing and enriching their occupational pathway. It directs them towards ambitious projects in a relaxed and friendly work environment, in which each worker is able to bring his/her contribution and develop both as an individual person and as a team player.

We are convinced that the success of each partner leads to the success of the company and helps it to thrive.
We regularly recruit qualified experts in business/health law, patent engineers, patent assistants, business development managers, project leads for constructing collaborative and/or scientific projects and more.

employees, 81% women and 19% men in 2023
hired in 2023
average age in years old in 2023
hours of training given in 2023


Inserm Transfert supports the government’s approach to promote gender equality in its company.
For several years, Inserm Transfer has implemented a policy and performance monitoring indicators for gender equality which have allowed it to receive a score of 89/100(1) for the gender equality index implemented by the government.

For this purpose, we have implemented a plan of action with the representatives of the Inserm Transfert personnel which is made up of three lines: Professional training, effective remuneration and structuring of the professional and personal life.

Inserm Transfert is determined to follow its approach to continuous improvement and continues to work together with the personnel representatives and its collaborators with the aim to reach a score of 100/100 .

(1) Index calculated for the 2023 period

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Our professional expertise


The principal mission of the legal department is to draft contracts based on the Inserm Transfert’s contractual standards. They also review contracts sent or amended by industrial or institutional partners. The missions within Inserm Transfert are the following: Drawing up and reviewing contracts, participation in or conducting of negotiations, specific consultations on particular subjects, participation in litigation and pre-litigation and company law.

Collaboration Research Funding

The Collaborative Research Funding team provides support to applicants in various collaborative research projects and industrial partnerships tender offers, thus throughout the project lifecycle. They also manage Inserm’s transverse programmes and support the long term sustainability of structuring projects run by Inserm.

Intellectual Property

Inserm Transfert experts are in almost permanent contact with Inserm researchers. Their aim is to identify innovations by visiting the Inserm laboratories and then assessing their maturation and value creation potential. It supports them in their approaches used to protect their results—particularly in terms of submission of patents—offers them advice and directs them, if needed, towards other technologies or expertise.

Intellectual Property

Evaluation, Proof of Concept & Development

In conjunction with researchers or companies, our specialists work towards project development in order to increase their maturity or their value. Inserm has provided us with a maturation package, which we invest in high-potential projects. We are also involved in finding other sources of funding for project development.

Industrial Parnerships & Entrepreneurship

The mission of the Industrial Parnerships & Entrepreneurship team, through the 4 activities (R&D Collaboration, Licensing & Entrepreneurship, Health Data and Clinical Research, Alliance Management and Major Alliances) is to promote the results, expertise, databases, innovations and technologies, whether patented or not, from Inserm laboratories to industrial players or investors so that they can be put to use in healthcare. Therefore, their role is to study the industrial and technological overview of Inserm's strategic themes and, depending on the results, to position Inserm Transfert's various innovations on the market. They also handle negotiations with industrialists as well as the implementation of licence agreements, public/private projects and partnerships.


Our collaborators talk about their experience at Inserm Transfert

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Pascale Augé

   Working at Inserm Transfert means being part of a passionate, personal and engaged team that works in a dynamic and caring atmosphere. Training is not the only skill expected; a sense of commitment, team spirit and interpersonal skills are also very important to us. We care about our employees being fulfilled in their daily work.

Pascale Augé Ph.D.

Chairman of the executive management board

Brigitte Trinquier-Lautard

   Being able to manage patent portfolios from filing to grant makes my job complete. I work entirely independently, but with the necessary support and guidance for the most complex cases, and I use the latest versions of the online tools. I particularly appreciate sharing knowledge and the team spirit within Inserm Transfert's Intellectual Property department.

Brigitte Trinquier-Lautard

Paralegal – IP Support

Lara Moumné

   Thanks to my job, my daily life is stimulating as I work close to the laboratories to support researchers in promoting their work.

Lara Moumné , Ph.D.

Projects Manager

Sandrine Boiscuvier

   Working at Inserm Transfert for 15 years has allowed me to improve my expertise and to participate in such diverse and enriching missions ; from General services to the General Management, and to develop my professional skills every day.

Sandrine Boiscuvier

Executive Assistant

Patricia Joseph-Mathieu

   I started 17 years ago at Inserm Transfert as Project Manager in the Collaborative Research Funding department (CRF)- the first department in the company ISO 9001 certified. As I gained experience and projects progress, it was evident for me to become involved in the development of our working methods and practices within the CRF, and after 12 years as Project Manager, I had the opportunity to take on new responsibilities as Quality Manager. The variety of missions and expertises within Inserm Transfert allows us to evolve in a rich, stimulating, and dynamic environment, in which contributing to a quality approach is an exciting adventure!

Patricia Joseph-Mathieu

Quality Manager