Our strategic areas of innovation

The strategic areas of innovation are themes of excellence developed by Inserm. They make up an essential part of innovation at the best global level and contribute to France's attractiveness in human health issues. They require a national and international development strategy in the medium and long term.

Our strategic areas of innovation
  • Discovery and validation of molecular, cellular or digital biomarkers and signatures (HLA system, KRAS mutations, Immunoscore, SMA Dx, HPV and HIV Dx) for a diagnostic/prognostic purposes
  • Discovery and validation of therapeutic targets (CTLA-4, IL-17, PCSK9, TPO receptor, BTLA…)
  • Biotherapeutics (BTx): early development of therapeutic products, mainly biological
    • Antibodies (including human mAbs), Nanobodies, bispecific Ab etc
    • Therapeutic proteins, peptides
    • Nucleic acids (AON, miRNA, aptamers…)
    • Gene & Cell therapies
    • Vaccines and adjuvants
  • Digital therapeutics (DTx)
  • Data from patients, cohorts and biological materials
  • Artificial intelligence, Health data, databases
  • Biological material for translational research projects
  • Clinical trials and clinical and epidemiological studies
  • Technology Research Accelerators (ARTs)
    • Ultrasound (launched 2016)
    • Bioprinting (organoids) in partnership with Poietis, SME in Medtech (launched in 2017)
    • Genomic Therapy (launched in 2018)
  • Multi-year research programs (PPR, PEPR):
    • Ageing (cellular senescence), Microbiota (dysbiosis), Antibiotic resistance, Ebola, Zika, COVID-19…
    • Psychiatry, Public health, EID (Emerging Infectious Diseases)
  • France Genomic Medicine 2025 Program