The Pathway for Pre-Entrepreneurship Meetings

The objective of Pre-Entrepreneurship meetings is to gather scientists willing to create their startup and a panel of health and biotechnology experts.

The Pathway for Pre-Entrepreneurship Meetings

The experts are specialized in startup creation, product development, fundraising and different aspects of entrepreneurship. They are entrepreneurs, business strategy and product development consultants, investors, incubator managers, or technology transfer specialists. The experts advise, orient, alert, and support.

At the Pre-Entrepreneurship Meetings we all share a common philosophy, where the startup creation is considered as a human adventure. We believe that sharing of experiences and skills will enrich and help the researcher to structure his startup project which goes way beyond a research project. The Meetings are organized as a constructive and dynamic challenge in a friendly working atmosphere, which contributes to the success of these events. Each researcher-inventor alone or accompanied by a team has 2 hours at his disposal to introduce his project and exchange with the panel of experts around the 6 different aspects of entrepreneurship.

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« Good projects, engaged and positive experts in a friendly working atmosphere: this is the successful recipe for 6 years!! »

The entrepreneurship is accompanied by Inserm Transfert through the consortium Human Health Startup Factory.


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