Our quality management approach

Since 2010, Inserm Transfert has been committed to quality management approach which have gradually been extended to all its activities in order to strengthen and adapt our standards continuously throughout the whole value chain.

Our quality policy

We have been ISO 9001 v2015 certified since October 2018, for all the processes used to enhance the value of innovations from Inserm laboratories and its partners. Inserm Transfert remains engaged in maintaining and improving the satisfaction of its partners and clients while continuing to adapt to changes in its environment. This approach to quality management, which was initiated as part of a joint effort by all Inserm Transfert departments, is part of the operational management of all activities, implementing :

  • operational routines and quality standards that comply with the requirements to the AFNOR standards.
  • a dashboard for monitoring operational indicators, making it possible to monitor operational efficiency and performance and client and partner satisfaction.
Our aim is to ensure a better overall operation, strengthen our processes and to guarantee the quality of our services and performances according to international standards.

Our policy and our quality objectives

The quality policy applied by Inserm Transfert aims to ensure that our partners and clients (researchers, institutions and industrial partners) receive high-quality services, the best possible client relationships and the best advice in order to best meet their needs.

Our commitments

  • To protect and develop Inserm innovations
  • To contribute to Inserm’s influence and global excellence
  • To contribute to financing research from Inserm and its partners

Our quality policy

  • To continuously improve and adapt our processes to fulfil the needs and expectations of our partners (researchers, institutions and industrial partners)
  • To ensure good service and give advice that best fulfils the needs of our partners

Our objectives

  • To improve our operational performance and the efficacy of our activities
  • To strengthen and share our internal expertise
  • To create value to the benefit of our partners' innovations (scouting, evaluating, intellectual property protecting, maturing, orienting, funding, establishing partnerships)

Our quality policy is expressed by implementing key operational processes in our mission, having the identification and qualification of the offer and opportunities as a starting point and the monitoring of projects and partnerships as an end point.

Our mapping covers all the activities in the technology transfer value chain

Activities in the technology transfer value chain

The satisfaction of our partners and clients

Inserm Transfert places customer satisfaction at the heart of the company's concerns, both at the management and employee levels.
In order to maintain and improve this satisfaction, Inserm Transfert has launched a campaign to measure customer (and partner) satisfaction in 2020.
During this period of exceptional health crisis, the Inserm Transfert teams have remained mobilized in order to maintain their activities and carry out their mission. It was therefore important for us to gather the opinion of our partners and clients (researchers and industrial partners) on 4 main subjects:

  • Our reactivity and availability
  • Our capacity to mobilize and coordinate ourselves around the topics related to COVID-19
  • The quality of the solutions provided to meet the needs of our clients and partners
  • The clarity, the quality of the exchanges and the explanations provided

And in general, our support and expertise. This survey shows that :

  • 92% of the researchers who expressed themselves will call on Inserm Transfert to promote their research projects
  • 82% of the industrial partners who expressed themselves recommend Inserm Transfert
  • 100% of the researchers who expressed their opinion are globally satisfied with the capacity of Inserm Transfert 's teams to mobilize around the COVID subject

In addition, 93% of the researchers who expressed themselves are globally satisfied with

  • Inserm Transfert's responsiveness and availability
  • The clarity and quality of exchanges with Inserm Transfert's contacts
  • The quality of the solutions provided to meet their needs
Overall satisfaction remains at 93% for researchers.

The survey was also sent to our industrial partners, with a return rate of 14%, which does not allow us to exploit the results and identify a trend. However, the statistics show that, on average, 80% of the industrial partners who responded are satisfied with Inserm Transfert overall and recommend it.

Note : The survey was sent to 282 researchers and 77 industrial partners for a response rate of 23% (n=73 researcher returns and n=11 industrial returns)

  Excellent teamwork, great reactivity and professionalism from the Inserm Transfert team. Inserm Transfer helped us to obtain RHU financing. I highly recommend their services.

  Excellent and essential support - unfailing responsiveness of the project manager.

  The availability, attentiveness and advice of the various people at Inserm Transfert are of high quality.

  We would never have been able to submit the project without help from Inserm Transfert.

  We appreciate the direct communication between researchers and Inserm Transfert.

  I am very happy with this recent operation, which is linked to the exceptional reactivity of the patent engineer.

  Expertise in the field, attentiveness and great responsiveness... with an excellent quality of service.

  We appreciate the direct communication between researchers and Inserm Transfert (telephone and physical meetings) which should be kept up in order to better understand the problems of both parties.

  Taking on quality measures means formalising our daily actions, reflecting on a process to guarantee and improve the quality of our activities and having a common and shared vision of what quality is and what it should be.

Patricia Joseph-Mathieu

Quality Manager