Supporting my project

We are here to help you structure and build your project based on the type of project. Our teams (Sourcing, Maturation, Collaborative Research Funding, Health Data & Clinical Research, R&D Collaborations, Licensing & Entrepreneurship) are available to understand your needs, accompany you in the evolution of your project and offer you the best possible path for development.

Funding my project

Funding my project

Different financing options are available - here are the questions to ask :
  • What are the possible approaches?
  • At what stages in my project?
  • Who to obtain funding from?
  • What can I fund?
Inserm Transfert supports innovative projects with a view to industrial transfer. In order to support your projects in their development through the innovation cycle, our teams have methods adapted for projects at every step.

Our support to finance proof of concept

  • Since 2009 Inserm and Inserm Transfert have implemented an internal investment capacity to finance proof of concept.
  • The investment to finance proof of concept from SATTs (Technology transfer Accelerator Offices) are also available. Inserm Transfert works with them in order to optimize opportunities for transfer to the private sector and value creation for your project. Contact us for more information.

Le plan d’investissement Maturation-Prématuration de France 2030 :

3 consortia lauréats à l’appel à projet « Maturation-Prématuration » en santé associé aux 3 Stratégies Nationales d’Accélération :

  • Le Consortium d’Accélération et de Transfert pour la Réponse aux Infections Emergentes et aux Menaces (CATRIEM)
  • Le COnsortium pour la Maturation en BIOthérapie et BIOproduction (COMBIO)
  • Le COnsortium pour la Maturation en SAnté Numérique (COMS@N)


Inserm Transfert

Séverine Barth

Our support to setting up collaborative projects

  • A support to setting up a collaborative research consortium for a project call from the European Commission (Horizon Europe), through private funding (Leducq or Gates), or through the PIA (Plan d’Investissement d’Avenir) (see « Our collaborative projects »).
  • If you are a researcher in an Inserm team and you want information about setting up a project, you will find the information you need on the Inserm Intranet: in the section “Research Support”.

Collaborative projects (Horizon Europe, IMI, FUI, PIA, etc.), once accepted, generally require a consortium agreement. In 2022, Inserm Transfert signed 53 consortium agreements for Inserm. Setting up a multi-partner collaborative research project requires expertises in intellectual property, legal property and business development to protect your interests, those of the unit and those of Inserm. Inserm Transfert supports you in this stage. The involvement of Inserm Transfert at the earliest stage in the discussions guarantees optimal quality of service.


Inserm Transfert

Catherine Clusel

Our aid to setting up an industrial partnership

Our role is to understand the challenges of a partnership research programme between an Inserm laboratory and an industrial company, to advise scientists in the definition of their needs (material and financial) and to establish a balanced partnership.
  • A partnership with a company adapted to your project (see « Involving companies » section).
  • Contact our team. They will be able to guide you towards the most appropriate process for your project.

Researcher's words

Giuseppina Caligiuri, Inserm U1148, Laboratory for Translational Vascular Research

"These are people who gave everything they could to move the project forward, by that I mean that they were available at any time [...] to help us."

"There were people who were interested in the project as I was proposing it and who improved it."

"The support from Inserm Transfert was essential for filing our patents [...] and finding development partners.”

*French version


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