Access a multiple offering which is unique in the world.

You want access to a multiple offer which is unique in the world and based on the excellence of Inserm, the leading academic research and clinical institute dedicated to human health in Europe?

An exceptional offer

A unique ecosystem

Inserm Transfert ensures the promotion and value creation for inventions, materials, know-how and expertise from its laboratories and the related clinical skills. Inserm Transfert sets up a variety of solutions to meet the ever more demanding requirements of companies, either through conventional license agreements and collaboration agreements, or tailored alliances involving several laboratories and expertise. Everything is done to respond as closely as possible to companies’ requirements.

~ 400 000

Access to Data from patients, cohorts and biological materials, databases for translational research projects


Applicant in Europe for patents in the pharmaceutical sector


Clinical Investigation Centers


European actor in biomedical research with 11 700 publications per year


Academic and clinical research institute dedicated to human health in Europe

2 Nobel prizes

3 Lasker prizes

1 Japan prize


Researchers and clinicians


European actor in biomedical research


Research units

250 à 300

News invention disclosures per year


Applicant in Europe for patents in the Biotechnology sector (EPO ranking)

A wealth of richness located throughout France

Inserm Transfert offers access to a rich assets ranging from the expertise of KOL, scientists and clinicians, to innovations obtained from basic translational and clinical research (new targets, signaling pathways etc.), know-how, research, technological & infrastructure platforms, databases, patients or subject cohorts, biobanks, technological research accelerators for ultrasound, bio printing and organ reconstruction, Inserm, multidisciplinary research programs on the microbiota, ageing and genetic variability in cohorts.

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