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Growing research funding opportunities for companies are offered by supra-national institutions such as the European Commission or charitable foundations.


With the aim of increasing the success of scientists from SME or biotech start-ups and facilitating international innovation & technology cooperation, we have developed unique expertise
in designing, leveraging appropriate funding, managing and completing
multi-partner projects. 23-n3090-A   © Inserm


What we do

  • identify financing sources
  • set up and submit proposals; identify partners
  • negotiate contracts with investors and partners
  • handle financial management and reporting
  • manage knowledge transfer for the project

Key criteria for a successful project

  • good match between the project and the call for proposals
  • scientific and/or technological excellence of the project
  • quality and efficacy of implementation and management
  • potential impact through development, dissemination and exploitation of project results


schéma Appel à Proposition anglais

Our European & International management activity obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2010.



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