How we work

Inserm Transfert carries out knowledge transfer operations on behalf of Inserm to develop, protect and exploit the results and know-how generated by its researchers and 13-n17114© Inserm / C.Demerensmatch them with industry needs.

We keep in close contact with researchers in order to share their current results and prospective strategies. Backed by a comprehensive set of tools built up from our experience, our core activity is to take discoveries to the next stage of development and translate them into high-potential projects for industry.

We work in daily contact with you to handle this transition together. We can not only design, implement and manage the intellectual property aspects of your research projects but also help you take them to the next stage. We can offer you:


  • help with securing maturation funding. (see link)
  • help with implementing R&D or licensing agreements (see link)
  • our expertise in managing international research projects and public-private translational programmes. (see link)
  • guidance for designing, setting up and negociating your Public health project. (see link)


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